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More Than just a recycler...

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More Than just a recycler...

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More Than just a recycler...

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More Than just a recycler...

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Go Green Industries

Your ally & partner in supplying the highest quality compounds, post consumer resins and advanced recycling solutions. Helping companies like yours convert waste into revenue. 

Recycling Solutions
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Today's Solutions for a better tomorrow

 Since 2008 Go Green has been an industry leader in recycling services and providing top quality Post Consumer Recycled plastics. Our reputation has been built on an emphasis of work ethic and servicing our customer base to the highest standards.

 The best ally in solving your recycling efforts, Go Green can assist you in becoming Eco-friendly and sustainable cutting your company’s carbon footprint all while transforming what was once “waste” into “revenue”.

 Partner with Go Green and gain peace of mind. With over a combined 40 years of experience in the market, Go Green’s Research and Development management has the expertise to engineer custom recycling programs & Post Consumer Resin compounds that will meet your quality standards and budget goals

Our Business - Our Vision 

“We’ve known, like most, that recycling has made a big impact on harmful greenhouse gases and can reduce the need for raw materials in manufacturing. Our goal was to reach out to businesses and show them how recycling will not only assist them in achieving a “green” initiative, but can also become profitable in doing so by transforming their scrap materials into revenue ”

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Lupita Guzman

Chief Financial Officer

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Why Recycle?

 The Benefits of a partnership with Go Green 

Reduce Landfill Levels

The biggest advantage of recycling is, the reuse of non-biodegradable material reduces the number of items that would get deposited in the landfill area.  Recycling of paper, plastic, glass, and such other materials, helps in keeping the environment a little bit cleaner.

Reduce Energy Consumption

It takes less energy to reuse materials for creating new products, than to produce them from scratch.  This not only saves energy which is spent in manufacturing products, but also renders some important environmental benefits.

Cost Savings

Recycling also results in some serious cost savings. For example, the cost of recycled goods is a lot cheaper than the cost new ones. Saving money by buying recycled items is effective saving the environment and staying in your budget.


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Fifteen acres of vertically integrated services. From feed stock to finished product, Go Green Industries is SoCal’s premiere source for post consumer resins and advanced recycling solutions.


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